Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who Is the You that Does Your Thinking? Part 2

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) discusses this in different language. It refers to our separated mind – the mind of ego – with a lower case “m.” When it uses the term Mind (capitalized) it refers to the Mind of God or of Christ. Mostly, it refers to this (lowercase) mind as the “split mind.” It is the mind we use. It is not to be equated with our physical brain. It is that “… aspect of the self that includes the faculties of awareness, volition, thought, and emotion.” [Perry goes on to describe the mind as having fallen asleep dreaming of a separate existence from God. Even though asleep, this separated mind is still part of God. However, its] “…form – its appearance of being a separate mind with a separate will, private thoughts, and changing emotions – is the ego, an illusion that will disappear when we awaken.”   [Glossary of Terms from A Course in Miracles, Robert Perry, Circle Publishing, 2005, p. 72] 
ACIM states that we only have one Mind – the Mind (capitalized) that is part of who we are as eternal spirits currently having a human experience. However, it has fallen asleep, and in its dreaming it has been hijacked by our ego. In our dreaming the ego reinforces the reality of our bodies. The ego needs us to believe that the dream we are having is true reality. It is not. We are a part of the Mind of God. Collectively humankind is the Son of God, as was Jesus the Christ.
All we need to do is wake up.
So, how do we wake up? I cannot will my ego mind to get out of my ego dream state. My ego would love for me to believe I could because that would keep it in firm control over my dream. In reality it would simply dig me a deeper hole. Fortunately, for me, I don’t have to do anything to get out of my ego dream-state but ask: “Please help me see [this situation or person] differently.” Then, I try to still my mind and listen for the whispers of the Holy Spirit, knowing that the first (and loudest) voice I will always hear is the voice of my ego. Each time I do this, and I do this very poorly in the midst of an upset, I get a little bit bigger “chink” of my mind opened to true reality. The reality of the Holy Spirit.
Slowly, over the last three years, I have begun to develop an “observer” Self, which perceives glimpses of reality outside my dream state. Buddhism has taught this for millennia. My observer allows me to sit back and dispassionately watch my ego mind go through its crazy antics. On a really good day I find my ego’s antics rather amusing.
The inherent danger of a scriptural religion (whether it’s the Holy Bible, the Quran, the Tanakh, etc.) is that it is of humankind’s collective ego, and my ego will latch onto it like glue. If I can read scripture, I can convince myself that scripture’s message is helping me see things differently – but my ego is still in charge. I’ve been so conditioned to the “Truth” of scripture that it makes perfectly good sense to the “me” of my ego – but it’s in error and will only delay my awareness of my ego’s dreaming.
It seems to be all about growth. Not perfection. Not precision. Simply growth in my ability to discern holy whispers, which improves my ability to discern the actual reality that I am a spirit not a body.
How do I get to know the me that is doing my thinking? I use my observer Self. When I watch myself through my observer’s lens, I can see the ‘me’ that does my thinking. I can choose to listen and follow the directions whispered to me by the Holy Spirit. When I do that my awareness of my true Self grows a little bit more.
Thanks for listening and have a great week. As always, please forward this message to your friends, family and spiritual acquaintances.

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