Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dealing with the Politics of Fear

The political conventions are over. But how do we figure out the truth? Is there a ‘the’ truth to figure out? How do we separate the hype, spin, omissions and outright lies from the rhetoric?
As political independents, we watched some of both political conventions, as I’m sure some of you did as well. Perhaps some of you watched neither of the conventions. We also began getting a whole new slew of political emails – asking for money, mostly.
Each email usually begins with “Are you aware of what Senator (or Representative or presidential candidate) XX said recently?” Then it goes on to tell how if the Republicans win the White House and the Congress then we are all doomed. Or it goes on to say that if President Obama is reelected and expands the democratic Senate majority and closes the gap in the House of Representatives, then we are all doomed.
In short, according to the pundits – consultants that are purportedly smarter than all of us  – we are all doomed! Regardless of the outcome.
I don’t think any of us really believe that. But it still can scare the beejeejuz out of us.
How do you figure out the truth? Is there a ‘the’ truth to figure out? How do we separate the hype, spin, omissions and outright lies from the rhetoric?
Since I can’t spend all my time researching the cases both parties are trying to make, I simply go to several fact checking organizations like or Both are independent groups and have proven their mettle over the last decade. They have been helpful to me. The results of a fact check query have enabled me to respond to fear-based emails with a modicum of sanity.
But the fear! How can we deal with the purposeful fear that is evoked on both sides?  Admittedly, I think the conservatives play the fear card more blatantly and grossly. But both parties are playing the fear card. Why? Because it works. Why does it work? Because it is the single most powerful emotion in the arsenal our egos possess. It is the most primordial. It is basic to our self-absorbed image of who we think we are. If someone can truly convince me of something that frightens me, then I’m dead meat. So, that’s what they do, because that is who they aim their ads at. Humans. Very frightened humans.
Very scared, that is – If I truly believe I am a human being in a body that somewhere has a soul or spirit.
However, if I can stop, take a deep breath and relax – just for a moment – and recall that I am NOT a human in a body with a soul, then I have an opportunity to center myself in terms of who I really am. I am an already-loved eternal spirit having a temporary human-in-a-body experience.  My true “I” can become an observer of my fearful emotions and thoughts. Then, just for a moment, I can get the better of my fears.
Perhaps you can, too.
Another subject altogether.
I need some help. Yesterday morning I woke up after having the strangest dream. In the dream we had made reservations at a restaurant. When we got there not only did they take us to our table, but our dinners were already sitting there – piping hot and beautifully presented. Additionally, there were some notes on the table. One note stated: “Belief is accepting the unthinkable.” The other said: “Evil is believing that loving and accepting incorrectly is okay.”
I have no idea what all this means or if it is meaningful at all? It may simply be an undigested piece of cabbage somewhere in my system. I just don’t know.
If anyone has an idea as to what the dream (in general) or the notes (in particular) might mean, please email me at I’d love to hear from you. It might be the subject of a future message.
Thanks for listening, and – as always – feel free to forward this message to your friends, family, and those accompanying you on your spiritual journey.
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