Sunday, September 16, 2012

Part 2 - The Spiritual Message I Find in the Libyan Murder of Our Ambassador

Continued from Part 1

The Islamophobic video Sam Bacile made and the words he used (as well as all of those, here in the United States and Israel who support Bacile’s political position that Islam is totally evil) fail to understand that these actions and words have consequences. Fanning the flames of intolerance leaves nail holes. The words hurt. The nail holes become pits where hate and resentment fester, eventually morphing into an overall infection. Hate, anger, intolerance, fear – these are not Christian values. They are not family values. Yet, they are exactly what we are teaching and promoting here at home and, by purposely angering other cultures, what we are encouraging in nations abroad.
We present ourselves to the international community as if we’re saying “It’s our way or the highway – and we have more money and a bigger army.” Consequently, I don’t understand why we wonder why other countries hate us so much.
Using vile and incendiary language hurts us.  It has consequences for us. For over four years this has been going on – on both side of the political spectrum – Republican and Democrat. Political adversaries are no longer those with another point of view. They are evil, unpatriotic, disingenuous, un-American cancers. I believe the conservative talk show hosts, media outlets, and spokespersons have been the more blatant of the two. But it’s there and is has frozen Washington. I don’t understand why we wonder why civil discourse in this country has all but disappeared,
And it’s not just in Washington. It used to be that you and I could disagree on policy or program. Now, it seems if I disagree with you, I am a bad, vile, evil, non-spiritual person. That doesn’t leave much room for civility.
We cannot find peace through war and conflict. War and conflict breed germs of the diseases like hatred, resentment, victimhood, intolerance, and powerlessness.
Justice, empowerment, and acceptance breed peace, and peace is not weakness.
When I was an active alcoholic, I was simply emotionally absent for my teenage children. This abandonment hurt them terribly. I made very impaired decisions that hurt them and left deep scars. I fully understand about hurts and consequences. I fully understand the power of words, the hurts they can cause, and the lingering nail holes that are left.
When will our nation learn that?
Thanks for listening, and – as always – feel free to forward this message to your friends, family, and those accompanying you on your spiritual journey.
#3 September, 2012
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