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The Apparent Power and Strength of Physical Pain Disrupts my Sense of Spiritual Well-Being

When sickness and physical pain raise their ugly heads, it’s difficult to concentrate on several key facts from A Course in Miracles (ACIM):
  • ·      I am taught that I am not a body.
  • ·      I am taught that I am not my thoughts.
  • ·      I am taught that my True Self is just as God created, and what God has created simply is. It’s eternal and perfect.

I simply am is the only true reality that exists. My True Self cannot be destroyed or altered. As a human being, I have a lot of power by virtue of my choices and their three-dimensional consequences, but I cannot undermine what God has created in love and acceptance. I cannot undermine the True Me He created!
But, boy do I try!
It is very hard when I (or loved ones) are sick and/or in physical pain and I can’t help them very much. [Did I mention that, when God came to class and passed out the capacity for offering tender loving care, I had gone to the bathroom?] I cannot get the physicians or their staff to respond in a manner that communicates their concern over our discomfort, pain, and aggravation. We are waiting for a call that will confirm (or not!) a referral to a specialist in Knoxville. So, I’m dealing with a medical staff here at home and their scheduling issues. I’m dealing with an unknown physician and his/her staff and their scheduling issues. I’m also dealing with these medical offices’ concept of what constitutes an “emergency” – or some other term that activates “special” consideration on their part.
It’s all very frustrating. I feel like a failure. I seem to be dealing with a situation that complicates an already-complicated circumstance brought on by painful illness – and the behavior and policies of medical professionals doesn’t need to exacerbate the situation – in my opinion – but it does. I feel like a failure because I cannot “move” the health professionals to act more responsibly to assist me. So, the frustration builds. All of this, I know, is of my ego’s interpretation of events and expectations. However, knowing this and finding peace within this situation has been extremely difficult for me this past several days.
Intellectually, I know what Allen Watson has said in his (with Robert Perry) commentary on daily lesson 96 in ACIM [A Workbook Companion, Circle Publishing 2004, Vol. 1, p. 297], which is dealing with our split mind. “The mind becomes the servant of the body, trying to devise ways to make the body comfortable, to pleasure it, to make it last forever, to keep it safe from harm. In doing this, the mind has lost its true function. ... It needs to regain its true function of serving spirit…. This is what brings us peace and fills the mind with joy, while serving the body brings it nothing but conflict and pain.”
Physical pain, illness, dis-ease – all seem to make me think my body a very real thing. When happening to me, it brings out my ego in all its glory. While I’m in the middle of it, I don’t know how to stifle it.
Maybe some of you have felt this way, too? And have found ways that work for you – to get you re-grounded, to get you re-centered and re-focused. If so, I’d love to hear your stories about what you have found that works for you. Also, please let me know whether or not I can share your response with others.
Thanks for listening. As always – feel free to forward this message to your friends, family, and those accompanying you on your spiritual journey.
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