Sunday, November 17, 2013

Spiritual Truths and My Perceived World of Form

I was reminded of a very simple, straightforward and critical message in my weekly ACIM meeting. The message? I go through a lot of mental gymnastics whenever I try to apply the Truth of spiritual principles to my world of form.
The world of form is the world we “know” so very well. It’s the world of duality – black/white; good/evil; abundance/lack, win/lose; right/wrong; rich/poor; strength/weakness; victor/victim and living as a separate being (I am me and you are not).
The world of the Spirit is the only “real” world there is. Underneath each of us we are not only the same, we are One – still very much an already-loved spirit in God’s Thought and Mind. When we are willing to truly see, by asking the Holy Spirit to help us, we encounter the face of the Christ in all we meet, including ourselves.
This world of form I see, interpret and react/respond to is illusionary. Whenever I take a spiritual principle – like “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself” – and try to apply that to the texting jerk on the interstate or the rude TEA Partier in Rite-Aid, I find it doesn’t work. I end up frustrated and moving rapidly to the arena of martyrdom or victimhood or moving to a state of aggression, judgment and attack – both of which are simply two faces of the same coin.
Before I became aware of this whole other dimension of spirituality, my perceived world of my perceived form was all I knew. Not until I began my journey to sobriety in my mid- to late-forties was I open to a different way of looking at life – open to a different perception of my universe. That’s when things began to change for me.
In a situation where there is stress or tension with another, if I find myself concentrating on what it is I am supposed to be doing-saying-responding (or not), then my “higher” ego is trying to apply ACIM principles to the situation. In short, I am trying to apply Course Truths to my world of form. That is not what the Course is suggesting I do. The Course is encouraging me to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance, words, or proper actions. There is no formulaic approach to spewing ACIM (or Bible, AA, Quran, Vedic, or other Eastern) one-liner quotes that will “magically” correct the tension.
I cannot spout Truths of the Spirit to remedy confrontations in my perceived world of form. Yet I go on automatic sometimes to do just that. It’s frustrating. The Golden Rule, quoted above, should actually read “…as your True Self.” This, of course, implies you are aware of your True Self and therefore open to the possibility of seeing another’s True Self.  This act of simply and really “seeing” another is all that’s required for the Holy Spirit to transform that encounter – which blesses both.
To be aware of my True Self begins, for me, to be aware of my thoughts and the importance I seem to give them. If I harbor them, they lead to words, actions, behaviors, habits, and values. To stop this egoic progression, I do not need to try to think  “different” thoughts, for they, too, will be of my ego, which will try to convince me that these substitute thoughts are really spiritual and – boy-oh-boy – look at this evidence of my growth and spiritual superiority.
To stop this egoic progression all I need to think about is: “All I can change is my mind. All else is naught.” To change my mind only requires that I be willing to let the Holy Spirit show me a different way of looking at things or situations.
All this has been hard for me to articulate. It’s hard to write. I have a tiny glimpse of what I want to say, but by the time that thought has traveled around in my mind and eventually down to my fingers on the keyboard that tiny thought gets lost.
The Course tells us we are approaching the time when words will end. I think, perhaps, that is so for this week’s message. So, I think I’ll stop. If you found this meaningful, well – that’s wonderful. If you are feeling confused, then welcome to the club.
Although these messages are mostly for me, thanks for listening. As always – feel free to forward this message to your friends, family, and those accompanying you on your spiritual journey.
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  1. I found your words so meaningful today and I thank you. I am on a journey through my own spiritual awakening/transformation and posts like these are always a blessing to me. I would recommend to all on this journey Jalaja Bonehim's Evolving Towards Peace, is her site. Her writings on deep transformations and the potential of our hearts is truly moving.