Friday, December 18, 2015

Love is at the Heart of Courage

I received this message of Light and Love from a good friend. I am forwarding it to you as my Christmas message this year. I was very perplexed over how to write a message of hope, light, and the power of love that is the embodiment of the Christmas message. How do I write that in the context of the hate, fear, anger and unjust actions that are occurring all over our planet?
Then, this message arrived:
L'amour est au coeur de courage
(Love is at the Heart of Courage). By Richard Girard  
“Peace Be Unto You.
“We dedicate ourselves to the idea that it is time to end the fear instilled by all of the terrorists, internal and external, around the world: from the Daesh cowards who killed over one hundred people in Paris last month, and fourteen more in San Bernardino a fortnight ago; to the corporate monsters who hold fear of our losing our jobs over our heads to drive wages down …; to the politicians who use fear as a club to keep us in our place …; to the religious bigots in the United States who shoot physicians because they provide abortions, and their kindred spirits around the world who believe that murder, rape, and destruction … are justified as being the will of their so-called god, in contravention of their own holy books, and for their own expedient purposes.
“The time for the use of fear against the peoples of this planet to force them to acquiesce to your point of view is over. We the People of planet Earth, as of this hour, declare Love on you.
“We will resist your attempts to force us to live in fear of you: passively when we can, actively if we must. We will not hate you, we will not fear you, because that gives you power: we as of this moment deny you all power over us. We are tired of your ideology of denial and privation, of haves and have nots, that is contrary to virtually every religious and moral philosophy that has survived the test of time. We declare our universal solidarity with all of humankind.… Understand that you will lose this war, because exposed to the light of truth and love, you will wither away like the malignant abominations you are--unworthy of our fear, let alone the respect you crave.
“This is our time, our place, and our cause: to finally free the world from the fear that has so long held it in thrall, to rise up against our tormentors and as one voice say a resounding, and unequivocal, "NO!" We will throw out the politicians who speak of fear, and embrace those who speak of boldly going into the future, not trying to rediscover a past that only exists in their self-delusion.
Love arises from real courage; courage arises from real love. Embrace this fact with us, and let's walk into the future together, unafraid because we are no longer alone. Join us as human beings who finally, as of this instant in time, realize that we have each other, and we have one another's' love and courage to back us in … the ending of fear of power-hungry individuals and groups. [This is] our first step in establishing what will be a universal community of mutual Love, Respect, and Solidarity in the world. And from these Virtues will arise the Charity, Humility, and Mercy that will usher in an era of Liberty, Equality, and Justice for all.
“And if we can remember and live that ideal, then that is all we need to succeed beyond our wildest dreams.”
[Richard Girard is an increasingly radical representative of the disabled and disenfranchised members of America's downtrodden, who suffers from bipolar disorder (type II or type III, the professionals do not agree).]
As I continue to recognize and deal with my fears and egoic perceptions, I trust my inner light will continue to emerge and shine so that the Holy Spirit will use it for His purposes. In this spirit, I wish a “Merry Christmas” for each of you – the birth of the transformative presence of Love in your life.
Although these messages are mostly for me, thanks for listening. As always – feel free to forward this message to your friends, family, and those accompanying you on your spiritual journey.
#3 Dec 2015
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