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Let Go! Let Go! Let Go!

There is a quote that states: "God can't give you anything new until you let go of the old." How true that is for me.
I remember in college taking sociology/psychology courses as part of my minor (my major was history). One of the psychology observations was following some monkeys who were being trapped for sale to zoos all over the world. Natives would place glass jars in tree forks with nuts, fruits and seeds inside. The monkeys would ease their paws inside the jar grab a handful of goodies, but couldn’t withdraw their hands without opening their fists – which meant they’d have to drop all the food. In that mental quandary, the monkeys would hold on to the food – and the jar – which meant they couldn’t climb into the upper limbs of the trees. Humans would finally drop a net over them for capture. It was simple and the monkeys remained unhurt.
It was quite a painful vision watching the monkeys trying to make up their minds – scared, hungry and greedy all at the same time. These are all very primal emotions for monkeys – and for me, as well. [Maybe that says a lot about me!]
Now, realistically, I don’t make a habit out of foraging for nuts, fruits or seeds. So, I don’t think I’d have a problem letting go of those items – especially if there’s an Arby’s a block away. And I don’t really have much of an issue with hanging on to “things” I have acquired. But I do have a real issue letting go of outdated ideas, such as duality, lack, fear of changes to my values and my routines, letting go of – according to me – right or correct notions I feel I must always justify and defend, which always leaves me angry and disturbed. 
These ideas keep me stuck in cerebral places that keep me in mental positions of justifying, protecting, explaining, educating, defending, or debating.  While mowing or painting or repairing some item around the house, I will have silent and imaginary conversations with Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump or Paul Ryan eloquently explaining the error of their ways and providing the enlightened views I espouse. I think to myself, “If someone really understood things as I do, there would be no way for them to think any differently than I.”
This, of course, keeps my mind so occupied with my own loud voices I cannot hear the whispers of the Holy Spirit. This is precisely why Felix – my egoic mind – does this. The last thing in the world Felix wants is for me to truly hear what my higher mind might learn from the Holy Spirit.
But all I have to do is be willing to listen for a different voice or to be open to a different idea and to be honest about how all my old ideas are not really making me very happy or peaceful. Rather, hanging on to these ideas keeps me agitated, worried, nervous, and fearful.
A case in point: We have already begun receiving year-end statements of investments, annuities, interest paid or earned that I file for use in preparing tax information for my accountant. We got a statement from an annuity that I misread. I thought it was saying it had not grown at all during 2015, yet the fee had remained unchanged. I panicked. So, here I was, running around the house with my hair on fire, exclaiming: “We’re going to end up in the poor house! For 10 days each month we’re going to have to eat dog food on crackers to stretch our budget. We’ll never take another real vacation. OMG! What’re we going to do!
This attachment and the instant, very unpleasant reaction it initiated, taught me how easy it is to fall back to my egoic perceptions. It taught me how these perceptions do not bring peace, calm and joy. They bring fear, panic and dread. To let go of them I need help, which the Holy Spirit will provide. If I am simply willing to listen for his quiet whispers and be open to the guidance and possibilities He provides He will do the rest. I intuitively know this is true.
So why did I forget this truth? Even though I am a work in progress I forgot to stop, take a breath, and quiet Felix’s voices. I forgot to be willing. I have not sinned.  I have just made an error that I can correct by making a different choice.
From a member of AA’s Fellowship: 
Oh how I love to hang on to what I think I know…. But because I had hit a bottom, I was also willing to try something new.
“That willingness was the crack in my personality through which God's energy and grace entered. I was taught that with willingness comes surrender, and one by one I began peeling back the layers of the onion that were my old ideas. As I uncovered, discovered, and discarded them, God gave me new ways of looking at, thinking about and acting in my life. Slowly, a new man was being born….
“When I become stuck or unhappy these days, I now know to pray for the willingness to let go so God can give me something new. “ [Michael Z at:]
Although these messages are mostly for me, thanks for listening. As always – feel free to forward this message to your friends, family, and those accompanying you on your spiritual journey.

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